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Phone - 0488136085

Email - lightsoutpd@gmail.com

Perth, Western Australia

About Lights Out

Lights Out Basketball was established in February 2016.


It was created to provide high-level personalized skill development training. This kind of training is mainly available to state-level players. However here at Lights Out Basketball, we aim to bring it this kind of training to everyone, from kids joining their first mini-ball team all the way to the top.


Using up to date coaching methods combined with a little technology, we believe if you have the fire to get better, are willing to listen and work hard, then we can work together to help you achieve your goals.


The main goal of LightsOut Basketball is to help 100,000 youth athletes. This can not be done as 1 individual, therefore collaboration, joint ventures, online programs, and coach mentoring become a big part of being able to reach this many athletes

David Morley

Founder/ Head Coach


DOB: 16/08/90

Hometown: High Cross, England

Studies: Sport and Exercise Science, University of Bedfordshire


Coaching Qualifications:

  • England Basketball Level 2 Coach

  • Basketball Australia Club Coach

  • Basketball Australia Community Ref

  • PRO-FTS Kinetic Trainer Level 1

  • American Coaching Academy Coaching Certification Program


          As a coach, I am driven to get the best out of every player I come in contact with. I specialize in player development, helping players improve their basketball skill sets whilst helping them develop an understanding of the game that will allow them to be effective on the court no matter what system they play in.  

          Most of my coaching experience mainly comes from growing up in the UK, where I started coaching at the age of 15, and now living in Perth, Australia. However, over my basketball journey, I have also spent time coaching in America and France.