Give your young baller the confidence to take on any defender

Ball Handling Domination

is this what you're looking for?

Are you the parent of a basketball player?


Are you trying to find ways to help them get ahead on the court?


Are they willing to work hard to get better?


If the answer is YES to the above...


Then this is for you!


No matter what your child's current level of play is the BHD program will take their ball handling skills to the next level.


As your child's ball handling skills improved you will see a massive boost in their confidence on the court...


That feeling that no one can take the ball off you, that you are in full control. This is what awaits players that complete the BHD program.


By following the BHD program step by step your kid will take their skills to a whole new level.

About the program

BHD takes the best ball handling drills that you can do with just you and a ball and puts them in a structure that is guaranteed to get you results.


Unlike a lot of other programs out there that are designed for offseason work...


We realise that these days you most ballers play all year round...


So this program can be done at any time during the year!


In fact by doing it in the season not only will you be able to see the progress you are making but your team coach and teammates will be amazed and the progress you make over the 8 weeks.


Many players don't take the time to master the fundamentals of ball handling before starting to try more advanced skills, so we are going to go back to the start and really focus on MASTERING your fundamentals at the start of the program.


Over the weeks the difficulty will increase pushing you out of your comfort zone to take your handles to the next level.


Throughout the program are a number of game situation drills that are going to let you put your new found sticky handles into practice so that you can apply them to your next game.


And the best bit is that all of this is online so you have access where ever you are, all the videos and information you need is right at your fingertips.